The Violet Globe, net.dramas: versus theater

The Violet Globe is the laboratory where Coniglioviola / VioletRabbit performs an inedited crossbreed between theater and
The Violet Globe is the first web theater of the history, the unstable theater , the online stage on wich the various net.dramas will go on scene.

The fundamental idea consists in taking some theatrical representations and transforming them into net.artworks.
The project is born from the assume that the surfer is an inter-actor and the monitor his personal stage.
The experiment lies, so, in seeing what can happen to a text or a theatrical miseenscene when you add to the story a new actor whose behaviour does not follow any copycat and is not predictable.

The result will be an open story, a deconstruction of the theatratical text as much as of the web text.

The term net.drama - coined to indicate this "new genre" - means at the same time dramatical representation on the net but also unveiling of drama's net, of drama's trap

The interest and charm that this idea exercise on us is also related to VioletRabbit/Coniglioviola's net.philosophy. Our online operations often consist in representing web spaces as real spaces. The slogan is: a web site is a site. In this case it will happen the exact opposite, we will translate real spaces (the ones of a theater) into html & C.

Coniglioviola / VioletRabbit


VioletRabbit / Coniglioviola ( / is an hybrid creature born in 2000 between Turin, Asti and Barcellona, from the interbreed between Fabrice Coniglio and Andrea raViola.
VioletRabbit eclettically moves over all areas of digital creation: web + video + graphics + electronic music + performances.
In this sense VioletRabbit considers itself as a creature of Rinascimento that the digital revolution has set free from the unfair obligation of specialization.
At the start of its life VioletRabbit moves its little paws only on the web, or better on the surface of the web, trying to violencerabbit what, at the end of the 90s, yet looked like it was a too plain, papery, infertile ground. As the WhiteRabbit did with Alice once upon a time, VioletRabbit takes the surfer inside web sites wich want to be other spaces and other worlds, haunted, surreal, but alternatives to the “real” world .
The slogan “A web site is a site!” means statement of concreteness, of reality and of substantiality of the online aesthetic experience. In this sense it is to be intended also the most famous experiment by VioletRabbit: Yolanda's Meditation, which is at the same time artwork and a site (place) to be used.
Outside and inside the net, VioletRabbit moves hybridizing styles and techniques and always looking for an agonistic relationship with the software it collaborates with, in the creation of its artworks.