Net.dramas on the stage of "The Violet Globe" ||| violetrabbit versus iraa

Computer is your // You are taking a random path to the // Don't rebel: don't interact // Browser is your director!

il cancello
the secret room

Don't stop till you arrive at the gate
Roberta will give you the key


Online since April 27th, 2004 is the first net.drama on the stage of The Violet Globe, fruit of the complicity between Coniglioviola and IRAA Theatre (Renato Cuocolo and Roberta Bosetti), the italian-australian company that has performed this work worldwide.
To net.dramatize "The Secret Room" (this is the title of the original piece) has been a paradoxical choice because it was already an interactive show.
Ten people meet every night in the house where Roberta lives. Roberta and her guests talk, tell each other stories and experiences. Then something unexpected happen. Dinner is interrupted and you are taken to the depth: to the secret room, to the room of the secrets: of the life, of the show. is composed with two main different moments:

1) a long introduction where all happen is directed by the browser in a completely random logic
2) the access to the where the secrets are unveiled

Interior sites : computer is your secret room
"The secret room" is the second episod of the trilogy "Interior sites project". This idea of the room as interior space was very linked to our concept of web as a private imaginary space (that we already investigate with Yolanda's Meditation). So what does it happen when the screen of one own's computer is invaded by a wild storm of uncontrollable windows? What is the inter-actor's reaction who sees denied one's possibility to control?

Fragments: computer is your director
During the night when the VioletRabbit was Roberta's guest it filmed all that happened. It divided all this video footage into many short fragments to which it has addes some appositely created animations obtaining a total of 45 tracks and finally it delivered each track to a different html page. Trough the simple succession of the page VioletRabbit's intent was to recreate an idea of cinematographic editing. The difference is that the author of such an editing is not the programmer neither the user. Pages are refreshed every time in a completely random way both in their duration as in their sequence. The whole mechanism is then multiplied through a serie of popup windows that invade the screen and purpose alternative editings, different possible paths to cross the labyrinth.

Getting out from the labyrinth:'s gate
Mechanism hardly proves the machine. But there is one chance on 45 to get out from the labyrinth... and from panic. One of the pages delivers at last the access door that will take us to the, to the web site. We only have to ring the bell and see if Roberta will let us inside.